Animated Love Letter Today we’ll make an animated love letter. Download the sample file and take a look at how it is structured in the layers and animation panels. Discuss how this was made. WARNING: do not upload any part of this artwork back to blackboard. The project is to make your own. Go to soc. meeds… Continue reading Animated Love Letter

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2/24 Surrealism

Picture Sentence Cut newsprint into long strips. First person writes a sentence like the beginning of the story and then passes it to the next person who has to illustrate that sentence. Paper is folded to conceal the sentence. Next person has to write what they think is happening in the picture and the next… Continue reading 2/24 Surrealism

2/24 Reference Artists

Anya Osamu Tezuka, Kirchner, Takashi Murakami, Robbie Rodriguez Chris Tomer Hanuka, Bernie Wrightson, Alex Nunez, Goya, DeKooning Ashley Piranesi, Julie Mehretu, Wayne Theibaud, Helen Frankenthaler, Richard Diebenkorn Courtney Brunelleschi, Al Held, Escher Jessica H Klimt, Aubrey Beardsley, Nikki de St. Phalle, Fred Tomaselli Kayla Windsor McKay, Mucha, Kay Nielsen, Arthur Rackham, Craig Thompson MiKayla Cecily… Continue reading 2/24 Reference Artists


EXPLORE YOUR NATURAL STYLE Draw the best drawing ever. Use your natural approach and play to your strengths. Don’t hold any ideas in your head, just do what you naturally do. Let’s try to be really focused and not check cell phones at all— this is 45 minutes. Make sure to choose your spot in… Continue reading Thumbnails

COCC Art Department T-shirt

Art club is restarting! Therefore we are looking for a t-shirt design. Bill Hoppe is retiring this year. He is the main creative force behind the art department at COCC and over the years he has done a lot for students and the art community in Central Oregon. For many years he was the art… Continue reading COCC Art Department T-shirt

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Drawing a Tile Floor

Tile floor in perspective Create a tile floor in perspective — —Create a large square in 1 point perspective —Place a sequence of lines that are the same size on the forward edge and extend them to the vanishing point. —draw a diagonal across the whole square —use the diagonal to construct the horizontal breaks… Continue reading Drawing a Tile Floor

Basic Photo Editing

Discover Neutrals Use the color sampling tool to neutralize cast in photos. Download the accordion guy, the model pics and the storm picture. Work through color sampling and adjustment until you have balanced neutrals in all three photos. Use masks and adjustments for dynamic range Create masks which correspond to light ranges in a photo.… Continue reading Basic Photo Editing


High Dynamic Range Photos download these three photos at full resolution and use automation to combine them into one HDR image. Compare the result (A true HDR image) with the HDR toning adjustment. Photomerge (also called gigapan / gigastitch) Download the three image sets below and use automation to create 3 different kinds of photomerge.… Continue reading HDR and GIGASTITCH

Drawing Inspiration

Giacometti was a master of cross contour, and he invented a way of building up line, then painting over it and continuing to draw on it. Alice Neel was highly selective in her focus. She made powerful choices in her work, rendering some things with intricate detail and others elements as blocky patterns and heavy… Continue reading Drawing Inspiration