Drawing Art 131

2/24 Reference Artists


Osamu Tezuka, Kirchner, Takashi Murakami, Robbie Rodriguez


Tomer Hanuka, Bernie Wrightson, Alex Nunez, Goya, DeKooning


Piranesi, Julie Mehretu, Wayne Theibaud, Helen Frankenthaler, Richard Diebenkorn


Brunelleschi, Al Held, Escher

Jessica H

Klimt, Aubrey Beardsley, Nikki de St. Phalle, Fred Tomaselli


Windsor McKay, Mucha, Kay Nielsen, Arthur Rackham, Craig Thompson


Cecily Brown, Ana Mendieta, Jess Fink, Bunny Rogers


Frans Hals, Matisse


Gary Panter, Josh Bayer, Johnny Ryan, E. C. Segar,


Bouguereau / Raphael / Monet


Lynda Barry, Inka Essenhigh, Max Beckmann, Joann Sfar


Courbet, Millet, Jack Kirby, Giacometti


Diego Rivera, Vincent Van Gogh


Moebius, David Mazzucchelli, Charles Vess


This week— look up one of the artists assigned to you. Buy a large sheet of hot-press watercolor paper close to the size of the newsprint you normally use. Hotpress paper is really smooth and easy to draw on. If you are working in Pen and Ink you need hotpress watercolor paper. If you want to work in pastels you might get canson pastel paper instead if you can’t find it. Over the weekend, start on a study of your artist, using whatever materials you wish. A study is something like a copy, but it doesn’t have to be exact. Take the time to explore other media, like pastels or watercolors. Work on your piece for just an hour or two and bring it to class partially finished Monday March 2. We will finish it in class on that day.

By isaacpeterson

Isaac Peterson is an author, artist, and educator living in Oregon. Isaac illustrates children's books for both print media and animated IOS and Android applications. Isaac is working on his first science fiction novel. You can read portions of it in the writing blog. An accomplished film photographer, he recently won first place in a group show at fotofoto gallery in New York.

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