I like this scene

Zilpah and Shekinah are almost my favorite characters, and they have this wonderful bond where even though they are sisters, Zilpah has become Shek’s mom. Here’s a scene from the upcoming sequel to the Brass Starling: Zilpah ran up the grand curving stair to her sister’s room. She eased the door open to see Shek… Continue reading I like this scene

This band is amazing!

https://tidal.com/browse/artist/9723392 I have been listening to this band called Death all week and they are incredible. You can listen to them on tidal using the link. The name of the band doesn’t really reflect the emotion of the music. The band was a family of musicians that started in the 70’s and they called the… Continue reading This band is amazing!

The Brass Starling

The year is 1910, and the Lostch family has fled the violence of a pogrom in Prague in search of a new life. They live in the Lower East Side tenements. Every member of the Lostch family works long hours for low wages—16-year-old Talia as a courier and her older sister Ayala as a seamstress… Continue reading The Brass Starling

Emerald Design Co.

Jessica Hammerman and I are proud to announce our new business, Emerald Design Co. We design wordpress sites for customers, and offer writing, editing and content services. Check it out and if you need a website or any of the other services we offer, please get in touch right away! All the best, Isaac Peterson

Ruby and Noah

Ruby and Noah on another cuzzy adventure climbing the Bil Keane statue in Scottsdale! In stunning 3-D.

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Graphic Design

Dream Center single

Dream Center – Concept brand for a center for the arts in war-torn countries, funded by UNESCO. As I worked on this design I had an idea of how it would look animated, so I created the animation to go along with it. I was inspired by the idea of art as a healing experience… Continue reading Graphic Design

Alexander and Isabel Find a Key–an app for kids!

A children’s book and app available on google play and itunes. Watercolor with digital composition. Animated and coded for iOS and Android. Sound design in Garage Band.   This is only a sample of the artwork for the app. The full app is 60 pages long. Every page has touch controlled animation and sound. (My… Continue reading Alexander and Isabel Find a Key–an app for kids!

Paris Sketchbook

In the summer of 2012 during a trip to Paris, I travelled to the Père Lachaise cemetery every day to do watercolors of the statues. [su_spacer][su_spacer] [su_spacer][su_spacer] [su_button url=”/main-portfolio/” style=”glass” background=”#961031″ size=”12″ center=”yes” radius=”0″]Main Portfolio Page[/su_button] [su_spacer][su_spacer] [pt_view id=”6988986464″]