What kind of camera does Reggie shoot?!?

It looks like a Rollei but it only has one lens?  Maybe a Brownie? I think with the size of the viewfinder and the large single lens in front it can only be a Hasselblad or a Bronica! I love how Reggie is an antagonist that just wants to shoot his camera all day.

My Bunny has a Start-Up

Poppy the Rabbit has decided to create a Start-Up! She is going to change the world by disrupting the paradigm of doing things. The potential for cilantro is incredible. We are in the middle of a revolution in cuddling. Poppy will help you not leverage your potential, or much of anything.

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Ruby is five!

Happy birthday to my beautiful little girl. A ruby means joy, passion and intelligence, just like you! [su_quote style=”modern-dark” cite=”Alejandro Jodowrowsky”]As you walk, imagine flowers growing from every step.[/su_quote] [su_quote style=”modern-dark” cite=”Proverbs 3:15″]She is more precious than rubies; And all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.[/su_quote]


[su_animate type=”fadeIn” delay=”1.5″][/su_animate] Afterdusk Bat over mirror pond Life in fragile array cartwheels to kiss the surface And eat an insect Insignificant and holy It too is life

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Beauty is Terror

The terror of the slime mold, only slightly ameliorated by its small size, is the concept of permeability: of consciousness, of states of being. The power of all of our movie monsters, (Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, etc.) comes from the concept of permeability. Vampires and Zombies exist in permeable states between life and death.

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November 30th, 2015

She had lost him, she knew that definitively. She hadn’t understood who he was. She hadn’t understood him at all. It was only when she saw him pointing the revolver at the car, risking his life for her, that she saw his courage. There was an aura of destruction emanating from her, spreading out like… Continue reading November 30th, 2015


Portrait of Marissa

Portraits in oil. Looking at the capacity of light to both build and flatten volume. Most of these were created in 2001 and 2002.

Lean Content- A business class for artists

[su_pullquote align=”left”]>>Sign up for Lean Content, by Startup visionary Eric Ries and Director Ondi Timoner and you’ll learn that business is an artform. The age of the “starving artist” is over. In the total disruption of the information age, there is nothing separating you from your audience. Learn simple business and communication strategies to make your… Continue reading Lean Content- A business class for artists