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Paradise Lost


By isaacpeterson

Isaac Peterson is an author, artist, and educator living in Oregon. Isaac illustrates children's books for both print media and animated IOS and Android applications. Isaac is working on his first science fiction novel. You can read portions of it in the writing blog. An accomplished film photographer, he recently won first place in a group show at fotofoto gallery in New York.

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Dee! So lovely to hear from you!! I always think of your beautiful bookshop and the all of the time I spent poring through the maps and imagining the world they represented. I remember reading victor Hugo for the first time in your shop!! It was difficult for me but my first exposure to deep literature! Please let me know if you would like to carry my book!! We can arrange through email
Such an honor to hear from my literary and antiquarian idol again– I’m writing a novel now let me know if you want to be an early reader! All the best

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