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The story of Wella by Ruby


Wella woke up one morning, and she said, “Whoa, what a beautiful day it is! I want to go skateboarding. I better go wake up my dog, Mask!” And then she ran inside, and got out of her purple pajamas and changed into her skateboarding clothes.


Wella and her dog Mask are skateboarding past a purple house with red curtains and silky blue windows.


Wella woke up one morning and she felt sick because she had had such a busy day the day before. She had had to feed Mask, and take a ton of desserts to her tummy. Also she had goneĀ skateboarding and that was a lot of exercise. She had had ice cream and she had gone to school. As soon as Wella woke up, she sneezed. The sneeze woke Mask up, and so, Mask ran into Wella’s room and said “AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” They both knew that they had to stay home and have a sick day.


Wella and Mask were both sick. So they decided soup would make them feel better. They asked their mommy to make them tomato soup, Wella’s favorite. But they were too sick to eat at the table, so they ate their soup on the carpet and rolled around on the floor. It was kind of fun, but they still felt sick.


The next day, Wella and Mask were not sick anymore! Mask saw a cookie on top of the bookshelf. He was very hungry so he started to climb up the bookshelf to get the cookie. And then Wella went over to Mask and said, “I can get that for you.” She reached up and got it off the bookshelf and put it in a bowl for Mask. Then he ate it.


Wella and Mask were bored. They needed something fun to do. So Wella said to Mask, “What should we do now?” Then Mask said, “Woof! Woof!” Wella can hear dogspeak so she knew that Mask wanted to do a puzzle. “A puzzle, OK!” Wella said. And then they asked their mommy if they could do a puzzle.



Wella and Mask are doing a puzzle. Wella found a piece that fit. She was so so happy. She said, “This piece goes here!” Mask was happy too, because he found a piece that fit. But he couldn’t talk human talk. So he said, “Woof Woof Woof Weer!” Wella and Mask Love doing puzzles.


It is Mask and Wella’s birthday. wella said “hey mask! Let’s sing happy birthday!” And then Mask said “woof woof woof, woof woof woof!” And then Wella said, “Mask, We’re not going to eat cake first, we have to sing happy birthday!”

By isaacpeterson

Isaac Peterson is an author, artist, and educator living in Oregon. Isaac illustrates children's books for both print media and animated IOS and Android applications. Isaac is working on his first science fiction novel. You can read portions of it in the writing blog. An accomplished film photographer, he recently won first place in a group show at fotofoto gallery in New York.

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