no gods no masters

Women got the right to vote 100 years ago exactly. The 19th amendment was ratified on August 18th, 1920. That means that there are people alive today that are older than American democracy. Society told women that they would be taken care of, that their husbands would vote in their interest. They were told they… Continue reading no gods no masters

I like this scene

Zilpah and Shekinah are almost my favorite characters, and they have this wonderful bond where even though they are sisters, Zilpah has become Shek’s mom. Here’s a scene from the upcoming sequel to the Brass Starling: Zilpah ran up the grand curving stair to her sister’s room. She eased the door open to see Shek… Continue reading I like this scene

This band is amazing! I have been listening to this band called Death all week and they are incredible. You can listen to them on tidal using the link. The name of the band doesn’t really reflect the emotion of the music. The band was a family of musicians that started in the 70’s and they called the… Continue reading This band is amazing!